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The last few weeks I have been trying to purchase the tooling for the new Hardinge CNC lathe that I purchased. I have looked pretty much everywhere online for the type of tool holder that I need, but since my lathe is a gang tool style lathe the options are limited and extremely expensive. I did find a good distributor for the simple tools, I need several right angle tools to accommodate the complicated geometry. It dawned on me that i have a milling machine and that i can make my own custom lathe tool holders! I have been designing them and I will post more as I try to machine them. I will probably try to record its progress and post them on youtube. I thought that the lathe tooling would be very easy to get, but i can't seem to find the exact tools that i want, so I am just going to do it myself.

I have noticed that almost all of the projects that I am taking on are very large complicated projects that will take me a great amount of time and resources in order to get them to a point of completion. So I have decided to design and make a few small things to sell! I am continuing to create the lathe tools, but I also got a couple of other ideas to make. I got on Kickstarter and searched for some things that would be small and easy for me to manufacture with the tools that i have. I found 2 ideas that i thought that i could redesign and merge them together, and create my own Kickstarter campaign. Its a key-chain that can be disassembled to a small ruler and a tough scribe spike. The kickstarter campaigns that helped me get the idea were both very successful; each funding to $40,000. I think that my design is both more useful and better designed.

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