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Part Fixturing/Clamping

Autonomously holding and moving whatever it is you make or do is often challenging, but we have experience designing automation equipment and fixtures for everything from Aerospace to agriculture. Here are just a few standard options that might help your business:

Vacuum tables- One of the most common way to hold parts. Vacuum is great for both high production, and high precision applications. Parts that are held down with vacuum need to be fairly consistent and have adequate area for the vacuum to gain enough hold down pressure. 

In-line Conveyors- Robots with vision systems have the capability of picking parts on conveyors to allow for extremely fast pick and place operations. 

Dial tables-Small parts that need several operations performed dial tables provide a cost effective way of presenting parts to different stations, and keeps everything within a small footprint. 

Pneumatic- Air cylinders can be controlled easily through PLC controls. These cylinders can provide enough force to hold parts, and retract out of the way when parts are loaded and unloaded. 

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