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Robot Return on Investment Calculator


This calculator helps determine if automating your business makes financial sense. 

You will enter the numbers your current process first, and estimates of your future process with robots integrated. Just follow the instructions, or call 208-589-4615 for help with entering accurate numbers, or a free automation proposal.  

Currrent Process- Labor Costs

  • Enter the number of shifts your business currently has per day. Typically businesses have 1-3

  • Enter the number of laborers you currently have per shift. If the number is different  between shifts, then enter the average. 

  • This is the number of hours each shift lasts. 

  • Enter the number of days your business operates per year. This excludes holidays and weekends. Typically a working year is 260 days.

  • Enter the average workers wage per hour. Take into account tax matching, and extra benefits. 

Current Process-Piece Part savings

  • Enter the cycle time it takes to process your parts.

  • Enter how long it takes to transfer parts to and from your manufacturing area. 

  • This takes into account your machine downtime due to maintenance, breaks, or unexpected pauses. 

Future Automated Process

  • Enter the number of shifts you will have with automated equipment.

  • Enter the future number of workers. If the Robot only needs a portion of the employees time enter their time as a decimal.

  • Enter the future number of shifts the workers will be tending the machine per day. Some automated equipment is capable to run lights out!!

  • Enter the number of days the robot will working. Robots work best 24/7 365 days a week.

  • Enter the wages of your employees per hour and include benefits just like above. 

Future Automated Process

  • Enter the future cycle time. For a good time estimate feel free to contact us. 

  • Enter the time it takes to transfer parts to and from your manufacturing area. Feel free to contact us for a good estimate. 

  • Capture future machine downtime like above. 

Robotic Equipment Overhead Cost

  • Enter the Estimated cost of the Robotic Cell. Again Call us at 2085894615 for a free consultation and estimate!!


  • This is how many months it will take to break even! We at Design For Making aim to get you a R OI in 3-6 months.

  • Apart from the obvious production and financial benefits of robots they also have Quality, Precision, and repeat-ability benefits that are not captured in this ROI calculator.   

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