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Bringing the best quality
in Manufacturing Robots


Comparing similar sized (payload/reach/price) robots from other robotic companies we have found FANUC robots to have the best cycle times while performing the same tasks. Decades of engineering and refining has optimized almost all of their models to outperform their competitors. 

Low Maintenance

The popular FANUC LRmate 200ID robot only requires the addition of mechanical service grease after 3 years or the equivalent hours. Making servicing very easy. If a motor or drive does go out they are easy to replace due to the simplistic mechanical design. This holds true for all of their popular robot models.


Despite being the best in basically every category FANUC is very competitive when it comes to pricing; especially when we are buying and installing their most popular models. Fanuc may not be the cheapest to purchase, but almost always is cheapest to own. One thing to pay attention to though is that it is cheaper to purchase all of the options that you will need up front rather than adding them in later. For example, if you need IRVision it would be cheaper to purchase the IRVision bundled with the purchase of the robot rather than ordering it separately afterwards.   


FANUC products can be customized to fit any application just by using a variety of their plug and play options. They are also compatible with lots of other technology companies such as Keyence, Cognex, Hexagon, etc.

Industry Leader

FANUC is the Industry leader in America for industrial robots. Standardizing in the best assures your company that you will have continued support for the lifetime of your robotic equipment.


When you have FANUC robots, you have support. End of story. Their team of talented engineers are just a phone call away, and their local representatives are extremely helpful as well. They continue to support every robot model that they have produced that they know is still in service.


FANUC has an extensive training program that is designed to teach every facet of the robot from programming, vision setup, electrical maintenance, and more. Hundreds of technical colleges around the nation are set up with FANUC's Curriculum.

We love FANUC and here is why

Motoman Robot


A great lower cost option for
Manufacturing Robots


Motoman Robots are competitive in speed and performance. They are competitive in speed to the FANUC, and are capable of doing high speed production.


Many of the Motoman Robots are very price competitive and will gain you a great return on investment in the future. They are a cheaper option than other robotics giving you the ability to have a great production robot with a smaller price tag.


Motoman Robots work well together. You will be able to produce an entire work cell with these robots. They may need more maintenance than a FANUC but no one dispute that these robots can do anything a FANUC can do. You will not be disappointed with how adaptable these Robots can be and the variety of jobs they can perform. 

YASKAWA Motoman are leaders in Robotics  



A powerful collaborative robot


These Robots are slower than others because they are collaborative. This means that they can work alongside of a person safely and effectively. They can work 24 seven with no breaks and you will be pleased with how quickly you can get your manufacturing jobs done with one of these working alongside your employees.


Elite Robots are Cost effective powerful machines. They are very well priced and if you are looking for a small collaborative robot you could not find a better deal.


These robots were made to work along people. They are similar to Universal Robots, but these are our choice over Universal. You will not be disappointed with this little powerhouse.


We will work hard to help you learn how to run these robots. These collaborative robots are intuitive and can be easily programmed. We will work with so that you and your employees can program and run these robots to their full potential.

Elite Robot has created a fantastic lower-cost collaborative robot

Upside down robot

Other Robotics

We service a variety of other Manufacturing
Robots. Feel free to contact us if you would like
more info on a particular robot brand.

ABB Robots

ABB robotics is a great option for high load compacity automation. It is comparable to FANUC. Contact us to know more about ABB Robotics.

Yamaha Robots

Yamaha has a small variety of manufacturing robots that may work for your business.

FUJI Robots

FUJI has a large palletizing robot that would be great for palletizing things like large 50lbs bags.

Kawasaki Robots

Kawasaki is another great option for robot integration.

Universal Robots

These small but powerful collaborative robots are great to have in an area where you need to work in close proximity to the robot work cell. 

Epson Robots

We can also work with Epson Robots. Contact us to learn more about Epson Robots and see if they are right for your project. 

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