Robot Models



This is a very popular robot model with integrated pneumatic and electric I/O options mounted at the wrist of the robot. This robot is fast, compact and adaptable to a variety of applications. The LRmate200ID/7L is the best in class robot for its size, payload, speed, and versatility. 


M-series Robots

This robot model has a unique integrated through-hole wrist design; making welding and dispensing applications simpler and streamlined. This robot is fast, compact and adaptable to a variety of applications, and has a longer reach to accommodate larger applications. 

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The standard welding package. Robots excel at welding and this model has been proven through the test of time and production! Very economical for what you are getting. 

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Spider Robots

Fast and agile robots for pick and place applications.  

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Scara Robots

Fast robots for small footprint 3 degree of freedom pick and place applications.  

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Paint Robots

These robots are used in dirty environments where paint, water, or harsh chemicals are prevalent. The also have PaintPRO software making painting or coating objects a breeze. 


Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots have a special niche in the manufacturing world. Robots have proven to be very useful for automating tasks while still working with the people. The robots's ability of being collaborative also eliminates a large amount of cost associated with safety scanners and barriers; which creates a simple low cost solution. Collaborative Robots are also more user friendly to re-programming to accommodate variations in parts or application.