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Bring your design to life through simulation 

Simulation Solutions

Your robot cell can be represented digitally and simulated to show how a program will work before running production, or even building the work cell. This helps you plan your floor layout and know exactly what you are getting before we build it. FANUC robotics has an incredible simulation software package called Roboguide that allows you to see exactly what you get before you put any money down. We do part of our quoting process within Roboguide to get accurate estimates on processing time and cell floor layout.

Roboguide- Fanuc’s simulation software, Roboguide, provides a virtual view of what the automated work cell would look like. We can provide you with a “virtual view” of what will be built so you can see how everything will work together.


Offline Programming- Roboguide also allows users to program new changes into a robotic cell, and make sure everything will work before shutting down a production line. This eliminates weeks of lost time and money due to a simple overlooked detail.

Proposals/Time estimates- We use Roboguide to develop accurate proposals. Within the virtual environment accurate time estimates can be created to ensure that production numbers can be met.  


HandlingPro- Used for material handling applications including loading and unloading, packaging, assembly and material removal. Features include CAD to Path programming, conveyor line tracking, machine modeling and programming. 


WeldPro- Simulates robotic arc welding process. Supports CAD to Path programming. Has the capability to  control and modify torch angles and process parameters. Programs and settings from the virtual environment can be transferred to the real robot to decrease installation time. 


PaintPro- Graphical offline programming solution that simplifies the robotic path, teach, and paint process development. The operator automatically generates robot programs by graphically selecting the area of the part to be painted and chooses between several painting methods. This makes otherwise time consuming programming very simple; especially when total and even paint coverage is extremely important. 


PalletPro- Used to completely build, debug and test palletizing applications. Allows users to create a work cell layout, in-feed, out-feed, pallet stations, and pallet dispensers. Hundreds of unit load pallet configurations can be created and visualized in 3-D using the built-in library of standard patterns. The robot paths created in PalletPro can be downloaded to a real robot controller simplifying the teaching process. 

RoboDK- There are certain applications when we prefer to use another simulation/programming environment such as RoboDK. These are typically applications where we use a robot, machine or grind parts. The workflow is simplified where we can import a cad model of your part, create a tool path, generate robot code that can then be used on your robot as a precise path to follow. RoboDK also has a python coding environment that can be used for custom coding applications.   

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