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End Effector

End Effectors

We custom design your End Effectors
so they are as unique as your product

End Effector Accessories

As system integrators we specialize in the robot; which means we have become experts at designing, building, and implementing custom robot end effectors for your applications. This usually entails taking off the shelf components such as cameras, scanners, drills, grippers, etc., and creating an efficient way of holding and controlling them with the robot arm. 

One of the most important pieces of peripheral equipment is the end-effector. It is what interfaces with your parts, and can be fully customized to do everything you need. We make it a point to engineer and fully test our end-effector designs. Some examples of end-effector tooling are:

  • Rigid Parallel grippers

  • Drilling units

  • Soft Grippers

  • Magnetic

  • Pneumatic suction

  • Cutters

  • Grinders

  • Tool changers

  • Hydraulic

  • Force Sensor

Depending on the application more than one type of end effector is used to optimize the full capability of the robot. Robot reach, payload, and cycle time determine how many tasks each robot is capable of performing.  

Since the end-effector is one of the most important aspects of the robotic system we do everything possible to make sure we incorporate only the best design principles and components. We have partnered with the best gripper manufacturers and design our own ways of adapting them to our robot applications. Some of the gripper manufacturers we use are Zimmer, Robohand, Schunk, Millibar, Soft-robotics, and ATI.

Contact us for a free end-effector proposal for your application. 

End Effectors
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