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Robotic Vision

Fanuc Vision Solutions


There are a host of proven approaches to automating processes with robotics. Some applications that have some variety to the process may require the use of cameras connected to the robot so that it can “see” what it needs to do.

FANUC has developed an easy to use and cost-effective plug and play solution called IR-vision that is very useful for a broad range of applications.  


2D vision guidance

2D IR Vision can accurately move the robot to the location of your part. This takes away the need for expensive and constraining positioning fixtures. It also can adapt to changes in part configurations easily. IR-vision basically finds the part using X, and Y coordinates, and Rotation. Calculated variations in height can be accounted for using specific code. Since IR-vision is a plug and play the camera is integrated in the robot controller so there is no need to have additional PC’s or equipment on the factory floor.


3DL vision guidance with 2D error proofing

For more complex applications that require accurately finding a parts position in (X,Y,Z) as wells as (W,P,R) orientation FANUC has another solution called 3DL vision. Using projecting laser pattern arrays Sensors quickly find the parts orientation very accurately. Additionally, IRVision error proofing examines the part quality and placement all in the same hardware package


3D Area sensors

FANUC robots have a plug and play high-speed 3D Area Sensor that uses vision technology to create instant 3D maps. This allows the robot to find and identify loose parts even if they are dirty, rusty, oily, or have no distinguishable features.


Line Tracking and iRPick tool

Applications where the robot must perform tasks on moving objects without stopping the assembly line can use Line Tracking. This helps reduce cycle time by allowing a robot to process parts without any delay, and allows for multiple robots on a line to process a single part. FANUC  iRPickTool software simplifies the setup for line tracking systems and minimizes programming.



While FANUC has great plug and play options, we can also integrate and distribute VITRONIC systems.  Vitronic provides advanced vision capabilities that can simplify even the most complicated automation problems and serve the 3d measurement, scanning.

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